About Us

Queen Anne’s Bungalow is a state of the art English Cottage, one among the best budget hotels in
Kodaikanal offering best stay for family, couples and travel bugs. A sojourn at the hotel in Kodaikanal
means enjoying the feel and freshness of the mystic land to its fullest. At Queen Anne’s, we assure you all
the comfy facility of a resort, with an open door to the beautiful backdrops of nature, giving you the
choice for complete rejuvenation and relaxation.

Set in tranquil and peaceful surroundings, Queen Anne’s Bungalow is an ideal choice for a delightful
retreat. The nostalgic feeling of staying in the traditional English cottage with all the modern amenities is
amazing. The look, style, and feel of the cottage stand out as a perfect alternative to the contemporary
hotels in Kodaikanal.
Queen Anne’s Bungalow gives you a feeling of being in the comfort of your home and allows you to
enjoy a tension free holiday with good relaxation. Whether your intension is to enjoy a mountain
escapade, go back to nature or a lovely family get-together this is the right place you can rely on. No more
you want to worry about identifying the veracious hotel to stay at Kodaikanal since Queen Anne’s
Bungalow is welcoming you with all its classiness.